Litter 1 - DKRLCH RØM RBM DKLPCH LP3 LP2 LP1  Riverbreeze Sweet Delphi De Chawu” "Delphi"

Regnr: S55710/2003
Born: 2003-08-25 (female)
E: SVCh SU(u)CH Solvingas Chaplin Af Jim Beam U: SU(u)CH SVCh Duck Tail´s Wunja Av Sigil
HD: A,  ED: /0/0, Eyes:PRA-prcd Cleared by Parentage, ,CEA/CH-Cleared by Parentage
Heigth: 47,5 cm

DelphiDelphi 2009
Owner: Helle Lund Pedersen Kennel TolKooi, Danmark

Litters: 2006-10-26, 5 puppies in Denmark


Champion, LP1, LP2, LP3

2010-07-04 99 points in øvet klasse and winner of the class., title: "Rally øvet mester" RØM
2010-04-18 Rally-B Max point 100, second best dog (29 dogs)
2008-06-22 Toller Field Trail Beginnerclass 3 prize
2007-11-18 Obedience: 266 points and winner, Champion
2007 June Obedience: LP3
2005-10-15 Toller Field Trail: Approved
2005-07-31 Gametracking: 2nd prize
Qualified to the Danish Championship in obedience Lkl 2
Dog Mentaly Assessment
2005-05-22 Obedience: LP2
2005-02-05 DKK international show 1 prize Judge: Karl-Erik Johansson, Sweden
2004-11-21 Obedience: LP1
2004-10-04 NSDTRK CAC-show, Ukl, 1prize and number 4 of 9 in the class. Judge: Agnes Mortensen
2004-07-? Approved at the Danish Retrieverclub´s test
2004-06-06 Toller assessment on young dogs
2004-01-18 DKK BOB-puppy 1 prize with SL ( extra promising)

Photos of Delphi

Delphi agilityDelphi agility
Delphi agilityDelphi agility
Delphi 2011
Delphi 2009Delphi 2009Delphi 2009DelphiDelphiDelphiDelphiDelphiDelphiDelphiDelphiDelphiDelphi 7 veckorDelphi 8 veckor