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We have a small breeding of Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers.

The most importent for our breeding is healthy dogs with good temper and a big desire to work!
Take your time and read about the breed and our dogs.

2018-07-01 Midas become BOB in Borås today!
2018-06-26 Congratulations to Silje-Mari and Nacho, BIS-2 & BOB-puppy
2018-06-19 Congratulations to Lycka and Iren, Lycka is now also Swedish Champion in conformation
2018-04-08 Congratulations to Lycka and Iren for one more Champion title
2018-03-22 The puppies in litter 9 have got their own pages
2017-12-08 Congratulations to Iren and Lycka that have got a new titel in agility AgD1! I have also updated Midas page with his results of the DNA-tests
2017-11-04 Uppdatd with new photos of Midas, Tyra och Elsa


Our dogs in work

We train our dogs regulary. All of them are champions in Game tracking. Some of them have also Field Work qualifications.

Poppe & ChaplinRiverbreeze Magic Fire "Mio"WunjaChaplinPoppe