To buy a puppie is a big event with a huge responsibility!

Dogs are wounderful friends and they deserve to live in a family that have enougth time for them, give them good care, meaningful exercise, rules, limitations and a lot of love!

It is a commitment for 10-15 years so you have to think twize before you buy one!

Does your lifestyle allow adequate time for a dog?
Many behavior problems result from inadequate time spent with the pup/dog. A  dog should never be left alone for more than 3-4 hours a day and they need meaningful exercise EVERY day, not only a walk in the forres or around the block.

Do you know how to care for and manage the pet/dog?
Normal puppies are extremely active. Chewing and barking are normal, and puppies will have many "accidents" before they are housebroken. It is usually necessary to make some changes in your lifestyle to cope with the puppy's/dogs normal behavior.

Can you afford a dog?
They need routine vaccinations and physical examinations to stay healthy. Eyecheck, hip- and elbow-Xray to be sure that the dog hasn´t dysplasia. Even healthy dogs may become ill or injured, and require costly veterinary care. 


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