SE VCh Duck Tail's Lagaz Av Sigil "Poppe"

Born: 2001-01-02
E: DKUCH TYSK&VDHCH Hyflyer`s Invincible Max U: Flottatjärn`s Der Kalix
HD: A, ED: 0/0 HD-index: 116
Eyes: PRA-prcd, DNA-tested free A, CEA-normal, Eye exam: Clear May 2013
Heigth: 49,5 Weight: 21,5 kg


Poppe has litters in Sweden, Norway and Germany. Statistics of his offspring here


Champion in Game Tracking SE VCH ! 1 prize with Honory prize openclass
1 prize at tollinghuntingtest (with dummies) 2004-04-17
3 prize at tollinghuntingtest (game) 21-09-2003
Toller assessment on young dogs 18-07-2001

BOB, BOG 3, Best male at SNK Västra Dogshow Gothenburg 26/1-02
Reserv-Cc, 4th best male at SKC International dogshow in Växjö 3 November 2001
BIS-puppy at the Norweigian Tollershow 2001
BOS-puppy SKC Svenstavik 07-15-2001
Best male puppyclass 2 at the Swedish Specialty 2001

Photos of Poppe

Poppe 2015Poppe & Tyra Juli 2015Poppe & Midas Juli 2015Poppe 13 years oldPoppePoppePoppe juni 2013Poppe, July 2012Poppe, July 2012Poppe, July 2012Poppe 2012Poppe, August 2012Poppe, July 2012Poppe 2011
Poppe 10 years old
Poppe June 2011Poppe June 2011Poppe 2011Poppe 2011Poppe 2011Poppe 10 years oldPoppe 10 years old Poppe July 2009Poppe July 2009Poppe July 2009Poppe July 2009Poppe July 2009Poppe apporterar andPoppe apporterar kråkaPoppePoppe och MioPoppe leker bergsgetPoppe vattenglädje
Poppe i full fartPoppe i full fartPoppe apporterar trutPoppe Poppe 2004Poppe 2003 Poppe 1 årPoppe 5 månader
Poppe 9 veckorPoppe och Wunja 3 månader
Poppe 6 månader Poppe valpPoppe valpPoppe 9 veckor