Litter 2 - J Riverbreeze Tickling Poh "Måzart"

Regnr: S34023/2005
Born: 2005-04-10 (male)
E: Canagold´s Tickles U: Solvingas Anna I Bullerbyn
HD: A, ED: /0/0, Eyes: prcd-PRA: DNA-tested free A
Heigth: 47,5 cm

Måzart 2008Måzart 2008
Owner: Therése Helmersson, Lammhult

Three litter in Sweden and one in Finland


SVCH (Champion Game Tracking)
SU(u)CH Champion in conformation

Toller Field Trail: (Officiell) 2011 May 3 prize
Toller Field Trail: (Officiell) 2010-05-?, 2 prizeJudge: Gunnar Pettersson
Toller Field Trail: (Officiell) 2010-04-18, 2 prizeJudge: Jan Eriksson
Conformation: 2009-11-01 SKK BIR, Cert, CACIB, CHAMPION! Criticism
Conformation: 2009-05-10 SSRK , BIS-2 Huntingclass, BOB and best male Judge: Rune Fagerström
Conformation: 2009-05-09 SSRK , Best male-reserv , reserv-CAC,
Tracking 2008-11-09,Växjö BK 262,75 points
Game Tracking: 2008-05-18, 1 prize with Honory prize,
Toller Field Trail: (Officiell) 2008-05-10, 3 prize
Game Tracking: 2008-05-04,  1 prize Openclass
Toller Field Trail: (Officiell) 2008-04-27, 3 prize
Game Tracking: 2008-03-03, 1 prize Openclass
Toller Field Trail: (Officiell) 2007-05-1, 3 prize
Game Tracking: 2006-03-19 Approved aptitud class
Conformation: 2007-03-04 Fourth best male reserv-CAC
Obedience: 2007-01-06 1 prize Lkl 1, second place 178 points
Conformation: 2006-11-11 CERT,Second best male
Conformation: 2006-09-02 Fourth best male reserv-CAC
Toller assessment on young dogs: 2006-06-11
Dog Mentaly  Assessment : May 2006

Photos of Måzart

På jaktprovMåzart på jaktprovMåzart på utställning 2008Måzart 2008Måzart har spårat kantarellerMåzartMåzart och TheréseMåzart 7 veckor är med oss i stalletMåzart 5 veckorMåzart 5 veckorMåzart 8 veckorMåzart 5 veckor