Litter 4 - Riverbreeze Magic Wind "Bamse"

Regnr: S62241/2006
Born: 2006-09-30 (male)
E: NV-06 NUCH SU(u)CH Shaggy Toller's Canadian Casper "Casper" U: LP1 Solvingas Dona Teresa De Amor "Wilma"
HD: A, ED: 0/0


Owner: Jane Ludvigsen, Norway


Bamse is used in practical hunting

Conformation: 2008-02-03 NRK 1 prize and winner of the class
Approved search/trackingdog (game) in Norway 2007-09-07
Ferskspor 2007-09-07 Norway approved
Game Tracking 2007-08-19 1 prize
Toller assessment on young dogs: 2007-08-09

Photos of Bamse

BamseBamseBamseBamseBamseBamse med älgklövBamse 3½ månadBamse 3 månaderBamse med familjBamse 2 månaderBamse 8 veckorBamse 5 veckor