Litter 5 - Riverbreeze Key Of Power "Knut"

Regnr: S32247/2008
Born: 2008-04-06 (male)
E: Canagold´s Texas Jack "Dino" U: Riverbreeze Saga Ducktail De Chawu "Saga"
HD: A, ED: 0/1 , Eyes: PRA-prcd Cleared by Parentage

Knut 6 months old
Owner: Malou Nyström Stockholm


Toller assessment on young dogs: 2009-06-14

Photos of Knut

Knut 2013Knut 2013Knut 2013
Knut 1 year oldKnut June 2009Knut June 2009Knut 2009Knut June 2009Knut june 2009Knut 6 månaderKnut 6 månaderKnut 3 månaderKnut 3 månaderKnut med familjKnut 8 veckorKnut 8 veckorKnut 8 veckorKnut 4 veckor

Videoclip Knut