Litter 5 - J SE(u)CH SE VCH NVCH Riverbreeze Key Of Victory "Mille"

Regnr: S32248/2008
Born: 2008-04-06 (male)
E: Canagold´s Texas Jack "Dino" U: Riverbreeze Saga Ducktail De Chawu "Saga"
HD: A, ED:0/0 , Eyes: PRA-prcd Cleared by Parentage
Degenerative Encephalopathy (DE) : Normal/Clear

Owner: Annette Lindström, Kilafors
Litters: Aqua Fox, 8 puppies, Riverbreeze 6 puppies, Njupavallen 7 puppies,West coast tollers 2 puppies,  Gunzeal's 5 puppies


Toller assessment on young dogs: 2009-06-14
Swedish champion Game Tracking SE VCH ! (1 prize with Honory prize openclass)
Norwegian champion Game Tracking NVCH ! (1 prize with Honory prize openclass)
Swedish champion (conformation) SE(u)CH
Mille is used in practical hunting

2015-06-14 BOB, BIS-2 Hunting class
2014-09-06, BOB, CACIB
2014-03-16 SSRK Högbo BIS-1 Hunting class
2012-06-10 BOB CAC BIS- 3 (working class) SSRK
2012 Winner this years allrounder, VP SSRK
2011-10-02 Working test: 4th place
2011-09-18 Conformation: BOB & BIS-5 Huntingclass, Excellent, CAC
2011-09-17 Conformation: Excellent, reserv-CAC, second best male
2011-07-30 Toller Field Trail: (Officiell)1 prize, best dog, best tolling
2011-07-10 Conformation: BIS-4 huntingclass, Excellent ck
2011-05-28 Toller Field Trail: (Officiell) 2 prize, Umeå Judge: Anders Wahlberg
2010-07-31 Toller Field Trail: (Officiell) 2 prize
2009-03-22 Conformation: 1 prize and winner of the class
2009-02-22 Conformation: Söderhamsortens kennekklubbs inofft (off. judge) 1 prize and winner of the class

Photos of Mille

Mille jaktprovMille 2012
Mille BIS 3Mille & Håkan
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