Litter 6 - J LP1 LP2 SE UCH SE VCH Riverbreeze Dream Team Apach "Hobbe"

Born: 2011-07-11(hane)
E: SVCh Riverbreeze Magic Fire "Mio" U: J Riverbreeze Key Of Magic "Magic"
HD: A, ED: 0/0, Eyes: PRA-prcd Cleared by Parentage, Eye check 2014: Clear
Degenerative Encephalopathy (DE) : Normal/Clear
JADD: carrier

Hobbe 4 years 20151 year
Owner: Kristina Kollback


Champion Game Tracking SE VCH !
(1 prize with Honory prize openclass)
SE UCH, Swedish Champion in conformation!

2019-11-24 Obedience LKL 3: 1 prize and winner with 282 points
2019-08-02 Toller Field Trail Elite class 3 prize
2017.08-06 Conformation Tollarspecialen 2017,. Best male Hunting class (out of 24 dogs) BOS hunting class and second best male
2017-08-05 Toller Field Trail Open class 1 prize (Tollarspecialen 2017)
2017-07-30 Toller Field Trail Open class 1 prize
Conformation: 2016 Swedish Toller specialty , 4:th best male Working class
Obedience 2016-07-22: 1 prize with 269,5points, LKL 3, Winner, Uddevalla BHK
2015 August Toller Field Trail: 1 prize
2014-06-07 BPH
2014-05-12 Toller Field Trail: 2 prize
Winner of Game Tracking Toller of the year Tollarspecialen 2013
Obedience 2013-10-19, 1 prize 196/200 points and winner of the class, LKL 1
Conformation: 2013-08-25 Champion class SKK BOB, Excellent CK,
Conformation 2013-08-24  Oppen class, SSRK Excellent BOB, CAC CHAMPION, Judge: Kerstin Henriksson
Conformation: 2013-06-09 BOS, Best male, CAC, CACIB
Conformation: 2013-04-07 SSRK  Excellent 1:a ukk, Judge: Åke Sjöström
Conformation: 2013-04-06 SSRK CAC, Excellent, third best male. Judge: Lilian Jonsson
Game Tracking: 2012-11-101 prize with Honory prize openclass and Champion
Game Tracking: 2012-10-25 1 prize open class
Game Tracking: 2012-10-21 1 prize open class
Conformation: Excellent, reserv-cac junior class, SSRK Sätila,
Game Tracking 2012-05-17   Approved aptitud class


Hobbe 2015Hobbe 2014Hobbe Hobbe 1 year oldMio, Hobbe & IzacHobbe and his father MioHobbe 10 months
10 months old
Hobbe 8 months
Hobbe 6 months old