Litter 9 - SE VCH Riverbreeze Smoooth Cash "Cash"

Regnr: SE16595/2018
Born: 2018-01-24
E: NJV-16 Lucky Duck's Courageous Balder "Storm" U: Riverbreeze Blaze Of Beauty "Tyra"
HD: A,   ED: 0/0, Eyes: PRA-prcd: B, Clear 2022-02-14,
Juvenile Addison's Disease (JADD): N/N, Normal - no copies of the JADD mutation are present
Degenerative Encephalopathy (DE) : Cleared by Parentage,
CDMC - Cerebellar Degeneration and Myosit Complex: N/N (Clear)
Cardiac Laminopathy (CLAM): N/N (Clear)


Owner: Yvonne Altemark, Kennel Riverbreeze
14 puppies in Sweden (Amazing Tollers & Wild Birds kennel)
7 puppies in Polen (Beehive's kennel)


Swedish champion Game Tracking SE VCH ! (2 x 1 prize with Honory prize Open class)

Game Tracking: 2019-07-15 Open class, 1 prize with Honory Prize
Game Tracking: 2019-07-10 Open class 1 prize & Champion
Conformation: SKK, Vänersborg 2019-06-09, BOB, Best Junior, CAC & Nordic CAC. Judge: Pehar Tino
Game Tracking: 2019-05-15 Open class, 1 prize with Honory Prize
Game Tracking: 2019-03-24 Open class, 1 prize
Game Tracking: 2018-11-18 Approved Aptitude class


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