Litter 11 - J SE VCH RLD-N RLD-F Riverbreeze Buzzy Baloo "Baloo"

Regnr: SE11684/2020
Born: 2019-12-14 (male)
E: Poseidon "Ollie"
U: SE VCH Riverbreeze Blaze OfGrace "Nova"
HD: A, ED: 0/0 Eyes: Clear 2022-02-14, PRA-prcd: B
Degenerative Encephalopathy (DE) : Cleared by Parentage
CDMC - Cerebellar Degeneration and Myosit Complex: N/N (Clear)
Cardiac Laminopathy (CLAM): N/N (Clear)

Owner: Jan-Inge Glenberg (Kennel Riverbreeze has the right to breed)
6 puppies in Sweden (Kennel Chroje)


Champion Game Tracking SE VCH ! (1 prize with Honory prize openclass)

Swedish championship in game tracking 2022-07-24 Third place
Toller Field Trail 2022-05-07 SSRK,Open Class Prize: Excellent, Judge: Håkan Linde
Toller Field Trail 2021-08-05 Swedish Tollerclub 1 prize and nr 1, Judge: Sverker Haraldsson
Second in the competion of Junior Toller master where he was nr 1 in the field trail and 5 in the show. only I point less than the winner.
Game Tracking: 2021-06-04 Open Class 1 prize with Honory prize and Champion , Judge: Stig Åke Löfgren
Game Tracking: 2021-05-27 Open Class 1 prize, Judge: Walde Dahlstrand
Game Tracking: 2021-05-20 Open Class 1 prize Judge: Johan Fritz
Toller Field Trail 2021-05-15 SSRK, 3 prize, Judge: Lars Bengtsson
Toller Field Trail 2021-05-13 SSRK, 1 prize, Judge: Lars Bengtsson
Conformation: 2021-04-17 SKK Borås Junior class: Excellent CK, Judge: Anki Johansson
2020-09-14 Game Tracking:,SSRK Approved aptitude class Judge: Bert Nilsson

Photos of Baloo

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