Litter 3 - Riverbreeze Red Sensei Chasu "Mika"

Regnr: S39623/2006
Born: 2006-05-29 (male)
E: Nordv-99, Sv-99, Finjv-99, SV-01, SU(u)CH DKCH AINDOW´S CHARLIE "Charlie"
U: LP1 Riverbreeze Silky Sushi De Chawu "Sushi"
HD: A, ED: 0/0, Eyes: prcd-PRA: DNA-tested free A
Heigth: 51 cm

MikaMika 7 månader
Owner: Christoph Schalley/ Kennel Blackwoodriver, Tyskland

Litters in Switzerland and Germany


Mika is used in practical hunting
2008 November Registered stud dog in the German Retriever Club
2008-09-30 Formwert German Retriever Club 
2007-09-09 State approved hunting dog Jagdeignungsprüfung mit Schweiss (basic versatile hunting test including water, field, woodwork, obedience and blood trailing) 
2007-08-10 Workingtest Tollarspecialty Winner juniorclass 93 of 100 points (33 dogs)
2007-05-12 Dog Mentaly  Assessment: Wesentest 2007
2007-03-10 Conformation: 20th Ortenau-Schau in Offenburg 2007 – international dog show, Best junior dog

Photos of Mika

Mika 2008MikaMikaMika och ChristophMika 2008MikaMika 5 veckorMikaMikaMikaMika 8 veckorMika 5 veckor