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Red Sensei "Mika" kritiker


(Assessment of character and natural instincts)

2007-05-12 German retriever club
Judge: Karrenberg

Summary: The 11 months old toller male has a high drive for movement and action. His playfulness is clearly visible. He is acting very persistently and highly on the alert. He is showing physical toughness. His hunting instincts are on a very high level.
The male has a high will to subordinate and a close and deep relationship to his master. Getting in contact with strangers he is acting friendly and with confidence. In narrow situations and when lying on his back he is absolutely confident as well as in all opticaland acustical challenging situations.
The male is bulletproof


(kind of small circle show where the dog is intensively checked by officials of the German Retriever Club)

2008-09-30 German retriever club
Result: Excellent
Criticism: Big boy of excellent type nice head type, much charisma, excellent pigment, excellent body, correct in all parts of the body, fast movement, good hair and good white markings


20th Ortenau-Schau in Offenburg 2007 – international dog show
Judge: Dr. Wilfried Peper
Result: Bästa juniorhund, best juniordog
Criticism: Obviously still very young dog, correct teeth, strong boy Excellent head, Correct topline Very good movement Excellent backlegs Very good forelegs Excellent paws Correct breast according to the age All in all correct hair In movement still quite loose especially the elbows